jemma simmons; the girl who fixes things ▸ jemma simmons’ diary

"Jemma?! She has a world of her own. She is a really talkative person, and she is really smart. I don’t think all her thoughts have perfect grammar and difficult words, though. She is badass too. But I heard she keeps a diary. Okay, I didn’t hear it from anyone. I saw her writing something. And yes, I went through her stuff. But I didn’t read it, calm down! Jem is like a cute 7 year old girl trapped inside of a body of an adult woman with the brain of a genius. I just described Simmons, didn’t I?"Skye

"Yeah, Jemma keeps a diary. No, I haven’t read it. Why? Because it’s Jemma’s personal diary… And I already know what’s going on inside of her mind. I’m not going to help you steal her diary, Skye! But a monkey could do it." - Fitz

"She is brave. She can do unexpected things and save the day. If I think she keeps a diary? I don’t know. Why don’t you ask her yourself?" - Ward

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